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דרכנו תוכל לקבל את כל התשובות לכל השאלות. השוואת מחירים, תנאי קבלה, מסלולים ועוד. רוצה לדעת מה טוב בשבילך? רוצה לקבל החלטה? אנחנו בקשר עם מאות מוסדות לימוד המציגים אלפי מסלולי לימוד שונים. אנו מציעים לך הצעה ייחודית: שירות אישי חינם.


השירות האישי שלנו ניתן ללא תשלום, והוא יחסוך לך זמן וכסף.
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Universities Colleges - Studying in Israel

Would you like to study in Israel? With "Studying in Israel" you can find information about English academic programs in Israeli universities and colleges. Start here. לכתבה המלאה >>

International MBA at Ben Gurion University

The international MBA program at Ben Gurion University of the Negev focuses on innovation and allows students to develop practical important skills for tomorrow's business world. לכתבה המלאה >>

Masters in Development Practice at The Hebrew University

The Hebrew University offers an international Masters in Development Practice that allows students worldwide to gain hands on economic and environmental skills. לכתבה המלאה >>

International PhD Program in Mathematics at Tel Aviv University

Tel-Aviv university offers an international PhD program in mathematics that allows students from around the globe to look into advanced and fascinating topics. לכתבה המלאה >>

Parasol Foundation LL.M. at Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University offers the international Parasol Foundation LL.M. program, that allows legal professionals from around the globe to research many aspects of the law today. לכתבה המלאה >>

MA TESOL at Tel-Aviv University - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

At Tel-Aviv University, students can take part in the MA TESOL program and receive tools for teaching English to speakers of other languages worldwide. לכתבה המלאה >>

MA in Global Migration and Policy at Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University offers an international program in global migration and policy, where students can study the various social, cultural and ethical aspects of migration today. לכתבה המלאה >>

M.Sc. in life sciences at Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University offers several M.Sc. tracks in life sciences, that allow students to research various scientific issues in science and technology. לכתבה המלאה >>

International Master's in Archeology at Tel Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University offers international students to study in the MA in archeology and history of the land of the bible and take part in a fascinating archeological experience. לכתבה המלאה >>

BA in Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University

The BA Liberal arts at Tel-Aviv University equips students with interdisciplinary knowledge and allows then to open themselves to a wide variety of subjects and skills. לכתבה המלאה >>

International Master's in Environmental Studies At Tel Aviv University

At Tel-Aviv University, students can participate in an International master's program in environmental studies that addresses current issues, policy and sustainability. לכתבה המלאה >>

International Masters in Conflict resolution at Tel Aviv University

At Tel-Aviv University, students from around the globe can participate in the international program in conflict resolution, a master's track that looks into many tools in mediation. לכתבה המלאה >>

M.Sc. in Plant Science at Tel-Aviv University

The masters in plant science program at Tel-Aviv University focuses on food security and safety and contains internships for hands on experience in agriculture. לכתבה המלאה >>

B.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering at Tel-Aviv university

Tel-Aviv University offers an undergraduate program in electrical and electronics engineering that opens doors to essential technological career paths. לכתבה המלאה >>

Voyage to Medicine Pre-med program at Tel Aviv University

Pre-med students who wish to get hands-on medical and research experience in Israel can take part in the Voyage to Medicine program at Tel Aviv University. לכתבה המלאה >>

International MBA Programs at IDC Herzliya

What to do: start your MBA studies or get some hands on experience in an international company? Why not both at IDC's Global MBA track, read more inside. לכתבה המלאה >>

International MBA at Bar Ilan University

Benefit from an excellent academic program, internship opportunities and the unique mentor program in Bar Ilan University's International MBA track. לכתבה המלאה >>

Government M.A. Tracks in English at IDC Herzliya

Experience an intensive year that includes trips abroad, lectures of former diplomats and internships in international NGOs; read more on IDC Herzliya's M.A. in Government tracks. לכתבה המלאה >>

B.A. at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, IDC Herzliya

In IDC's international government B.A. track students learn about politics and diplomacy from past ambassadors, government consultants and other leading figures. Read more. לכתבה המלאה >>
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