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Tel-Aviv University offers the international Parasol Foundation LL.M. program, that allows legal professionals from around the globe to research many aspects of the law today. לכתבה המלאה >>
At Tel-Aviv University, students can take part in the MA TESOL program and receive tools for teaching English to speakers of other languages worldwide. לכתבה המלאה >>
Tel-Aviv University offers an international program in global migration and policy, where students can study the various social, cultural and ethical aspects of migration today. לכתבה המלאה >>
Tel-Aviv University offers several M.Sc. tracks in life sciences, that allow students to research various scientific issues in science and technology. לכתבה המלאה >>
Tel-Aviv University offers international students to study in the MA in archeology and history of the land of the bible and take part in a fascinating archeological experience. לכתבה המלאה >>
The BA Liberal arts at Tel-Aviv University equips students with interdisciplinary knowledge and allows then to open themselves to a wide variety of subjects and skills. לכתבה המלאה >>
At Tel-Aviv University, students can participate in an International master's program in environmental studies that addresses current issues, policy and sustainability. לכתבה המלאה >>
At Tel-Aviv University, students from around the globe can participate in the international program in conflict resolution, a master's track that looks into many tools in mediation. לכתבה המלאה >>
The masters in plant science program at Tel-Aviv University focuses on food security and safety and contains internships for hands on experience in agriculture. לכתבה המלאה >>
Tel-Aviv University offers an undergraduate program in electrical and electronics engineering that opens doors to essential technological career paths. לכתבה המלאה >>
Pre-med students who wish to get hands-on medical and research experience in Israel can take part in the Voyage to Medicine program at Tel Aviv University. לכתבה המלאה >>
Take a look inside people's heads and get a thorough understanding of the way speakers (rather unconsciously) choose their words in BGU's Linguistics track. Read here. לכתבה המלאה >>
Learn how the mind works whenever you speak and benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to Linguistics in Ben-Gurion University undergraduate Linguistics track. לכתבה המלאה >>
In IDC's international government B.A. track students learn about politics and diplomacy from past ambassadors, government consultants and other leading figures. Read more. לכתבה המלאה >>
The B.Sc. in computer science at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya) allows international students to gain theoretical and practical tools needed in the high-tech industry today. לכתבה המלאה >>
Heard about the Zell Entrepreneurship Program, or of many internship opportunities in local and global companies in Israel? Read about the IDC Business Administration B.A. track. לכתבה המלאה >>
Personal wellbeing, educational processes, business arenas and political acts - IDC Herzliya's international B.A. track in psychology addresses the many faces of psychology. Read here. לכתבה המלאה >>
Meet entrepreneurs and CEOs, intern in leading Israeli hi-tech companies while seeing the sites in a small and interesting country with the Technion's Start-Up MBA program. לכתבה המלאה >>
Read ancient and modern classics while examining them from various perspectives – cultural, psychological, historical etc. in BGU's Foreign Literatures track. לכתבה המלאה >>
Thinking about going to a graduate school in Israel? This article includes some basic information regarding international master's programs in Israel, tuition fees and more. לכתבה המלאה >>
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